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Dubai Culture and Lifestyle

Dubai is not only a city that is famous for its shopping or skyscrapers or luxury hotels, but it is considered one of the few richest countries in the world and although its wealth preserves its culture

Dubai culture and lifestyle

Dubai : It is not only a city that is famous for shopping or skyscrapers or for luxury hotels, but it considers itself to be one of the few richest countries in the world and although its wealth preserves its traditional culture and the black gold has changed the life of the its people radically, and with these aspects it becomes unique in its kind, if you want to discover the Arab world to explore its culture and the traditional life of the Arabs, I suggest you visit Duabi, because Dubai is considered an excellent destination and there `you can enjoy more and relax in the maximum and next to this you can do some wonderful activities that you cannot do anywhere around the world.


Dubai is considered a dream to reach for many tourists around the world because you can see them the stunning buildings that are unique in their genres such as mosques, luxury hotels, etc ...and also you can visit its local souks, and also the Arab markets where you will be fascinated by the bright colors of the various pashminas and there you can communicate directly with the locals.

Culture in Dubai:

Dubai is the city where a large number of cultures are found, it is known that in the last ten years a large number of people with different nationalities come from all over the world to find new job opportunities or to look for a new life there.

So you will find in Dubai many foreigners from all over the world looking for work or new opportunities and among the nationalities present in Dubai: Filipinos, Pakistanis, Lebanese, Americans, Italians, Indians, Australians and more so the English language is very widespread in the United Arab Emirates. , this aspect makes life in Dubai very beautiful and interesting and full of challenges.

Moreover, every day you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with people from all continents of the world, so you can know new cultures and you will be open to everything and capable of accept all kinds of people, and you will see new traditions and new languages, to tell the truth it is very rare to be in such a city in any country in the world! and even this experience is very enriching from the human and cultural point of view, by the way almost all citizens speak mainly English and their mother tongue is the Arabic language undoubtedly, every country around the world has its own gestures and expressions that they use them among themselves.

So it is preferable to know some of the most common gestures that are used a lot in Dubai, to have the ability to communicate easily with the people of this country.


Clothing in Dubai and the code of conduct:


Visitors are free to practice their religion, so no one can force you to do something you don't like and Dubai's dress code is somewhat liberal. Women in Dubai have the right to drive normally and walk around unaccompanied and without any problems. Among the most precious virtues you can find in Dubai are Arabian courtesy and hospitality, in fact visitors will be amazed by Arabian hospitality and friendliness.

Dubai has grown at a frightening speed and despite the speed of economic development of the last 30 years Dubai has not stopped organizing and promoting traditional cultural and sporting events such as falconry, camel racing and dhow competitions, and local people still continue to live by celebrating their traditions every day

Culture in Dubai is heavily centered on Islamic commandments. Islam is the main religion of the inhabitants there, but it is more than a religion: it is a way of life that regulates the daily life of the inhabitants and regulates almost all the facts of the people from the way of dressing to that of eating. or drink, and also The culture and tradition of the UAE is undoubtedly linked to its Islamic religion which urges people to accept people who embrace other religions, is a striking example of Islam's real commitment to tolerance and hospitality.

Local clothing

Citizens of the UAE so far prefer to put on traditional clothes which shows how happy and proud they are to be Arabs including and not only the elderly but also the young, so they cover the whole body and leaving only the hands, feet uncovered. , the eyes.

For men, a suit is called the kandura which is a long white tunic, and a white or red and white checkered headdress, known by the name of “Ghutra”, is worn together with the Kandura. The latter is tied with a black lace (agal), but for the most important events, sheikhs and major businessmen can also wear a thin robe with gold decorations (bisht) over the kandura.

for women they can wear (abaya) over their usual clothes, it is a long and wide black dress with a veil on the head (sheyla), the abaya is a dress of a soft fabric and sheyla are also becoming more and more elaborate and it is considered a method of affirming one's Arab individuality especially among young people


For tourists there is no problem in the case of taking pictures but it is advisable to ask for permission if you want to take pictures of people, especially for women and also forbidden to photograph government buildings, military headquarters, ports and airports. The use of cameras may also be prohibited in some public areas

Traditional sports

Among the most common sport among young people is to practice water and motor sports, this type is the most traditional and is organized every weekend and these adventures are done in the desert, and alongside this traditional sport they they prefer to play other types of sports such as tennis, golf, football and rugby. They admire camel racing and equestrian sports that have been inspired by hunting and consider themselves an integral part of the Emirati heritage.

Poetry and dance

Arabic poetry derives from the nomadic Bedouin culture, it is used to tell stories, resolve social issues, as well as to welcome guests. There are two most common types of poetry, the first type is called Nabati which is considered the simplest and most direct poem, and the second type is called Al-Taghrooda is a poem sung by two people, this poem accompanies the Al -Ayyala, which is considered a typical dance and is done during the holidays and the different celebrations that are held there. this dance performed by a group of men who dance in a row together, this dance is considered one of the most famous and most traditional dances, and represents the symbol of union for them.

Arab hospitality

Hospitality is one of the cornerstones of Emirati culture, among the most local traditions there is to offer an Arab coffee for guests, it is chaima gahwa, and is considered one of the most authentic rituals. the recipe of Arabian coffee is completely different from the other recipes of coffees around the world, it is made with cloves, cardamom, cumin and saffron; it is poured from a dallah into a cup called a finjaan. Sip it when they are together with their friends or their guests in a typical majlis which is considered the traditional place where they meet with their friends

Ramadan in Dubai

Islam is the fundamental religion of the people there and they follow its commandments and rules and the culture of Dubai and the UAE is completely linked to the Islamic tradition. If you truly want to immerse yourself in this unique culture, I suggest you visit Dubai in this holy month. During the month, Muslims fast at specific times, begin their fast from sunrise to sunset and dusk, eat an iftar meal with family and loved ones. and at the Iftar meal they offer a large number of typical dishes. Muslumans follow the lunar calendar and when this month ends, Muslumans celebrate Id al-fitr which is considered a most important religious festival for Muslumans.

Local currency

The local currency is the Dirham (AED), but American Dollars and Euros are also used alongside this currency, but it is advisable to exchange your money in local currency at banks and major credit cards are also accepted. (American Express, Diners Club, Visa, Master Card etc.)


The official language of the UAE is Arabic but English is widespread throughout the country as there are many foreigners residing, living and working in the UAE

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Maintenance of automatic gates

 What is the maintenance of automatic gates?

 Automatic gates are considered real "machines" that must meet certain requirements and, above all, must be subjected to periodic maintenance. Those who choose to automate a gate must first ask the installer for some important documents; among these, it is necessary to mention the declaration of conformity and the maintenance register of the plant. In particular, the register shows all the interventions carried out on the gate: the first installation, ordinary maintenance and any extraordinary maintenance with related repairs or modifications.

Why is it important to carry out maintenance on the gates?

 Ordinary maintenance of automatic gates is required by law every year. Verifying the correct functioning of your automatic gate is essential to guarantee the safety of all users: a possible malfunction of the automation system could cause accidents and more or less serious damage. It is therefore extremely important to periodically check the status of the automatic gates and to intervene promptly whenever a problem occurs. Furthermore, in most cases, immediately identifying the malfunction means being able to solve the problem quickly and without any effort. In conclusion, periodic maintenance serves precisely to face daily life in total tranquillity: those who follow this procedure, therefore,

 Automatic gate maintenance

 To simplify the maintenance of Automatic Gates Brisbane, it is important to choose a quality, reliable and safe system. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated systems that minimize the risk of damage and malfunctions. For this reason, our low voltage gear motors for gates with encoder ensure compliance; but it is important to remember that for the certifications of a sliding gate weighing over 500 kg it is necessary to use the wireless sensitive edge system. Safety and reliability are key words for us, to accompany the user in everyday life, giving tranquillity and comfort to daily actions.

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John Labunski Business Plan key elements

 To run a business, you need to create a business plan, first of all, organize ideas, goals and values. After all, identifying these criteria is essential to obtain good results in business management, regardless of the size and type of your enterprise.

 Producing a successful business plan is what every entrepreneur must do in order to achieve their goals. Today's article explains how this concept works and also shows 8 key elements for its realization. Follow up!

 What is a successful business plan?

 Also known as a Business Plan, a business plan is a document created to describe the objectives of a business management. It also contains the activities to be carried out to achieve those purposes.

 This document must be created before your business starts. In this way, it is possible to guide the development of your company and, consequently, of your business plan based on the values, criteria and culture stipulated by your management.

 Creating an efficient business plan is crucial for the development of any type of enterprise: with it, it will be possible to control and reduce the risks and uncertainties existing in its management.

 In some cases, at the end of carrying out a business plan, it is discovered that such a project is unfeasible and that it does not match the economic reality of your company. In this situation, it is very important to make the necessary adaptations, or even opt for another type of investment that will bring better numbers to your business.

 So pay attention and always keep your business plan in line with the changes your company undergoes.

 What to include in a business plan?

 A business plan is nothing more than an instruction manual designed to achieve positive results in a venture.

 Below are 8 key elements that every business plan should have:

 1. Goals

 Every company has objectives and goals that it wants to achieve in a certain period of time. Reducing expenses, increasing profits, hiring new employees, reducing the number of work accidents and countless other goals can be used to define where your management wants to go.

 Use this trick to motivate your employees. Show that everyone has the ability to help grow the enterprise they work for.

 A successful business plan is based on objectives and goals that match the reality of your company. There is no point in creating a challenge that few can overcome, so stipulate values ​​that are within everyone's reach.

 2. Knowledge

 Knowledge is essential in all activities we carry out in our lives. To make a business more profitable, you also need to be wise in carrying out a business plan.

 First, get to know your company. Put first the values ​​and culture that govern your business structure. From that moment, make the decisions that best fit these criteria.

 Find out what the financial needs are for carrying out your project and set a ceiling for investments. Never try to do something that does not fit within your financial budget, this can put all sectors of your company at risk.

 Understand and understand the socioeconomic reality in which your enterprise finds itself. Find out what your customers' needs and requirements are and make sure that this demand is met by the services provided by your company.

 Pay attention to the way business processes happen in your work environment. Also don't forget to keep up to date with regulatory standards.

 3. Planning

 The financial market is unstable and seasonal, and a successful business plan is one prepared to anticipate and overcome such problems. For this to occur, it is necessary to assess how well your business structure works.

 Imagine scenarios in which your company comfortably adapts to the market and situations that are unfavorable to growth. Define what actions will be taken in each case and ensure that your venture is not harmed by being caught by surprise by some event.

 4. Technology

 Technology is a strong ally in business management. All processes, no matter how simple, benefit from the use of some technological advance. A successful business plan must always use the most innovative technological tools in the job market to its advantage.

 5. Communication

 Dialogue is an important tool for the proper functioning of human relationships. A company houses different types of employees with the most diverse opinions and origins. In order for everyone to understand each other, there must be an environment that favors this exchange of information.

 A business plan must value the good coexistence between the employees of a company. It's impossible to create a perfect situation where all parties are completely satisfied, so allow your employees the freedom to express themselves.

 Receive criticism and praise in order to understand what is happening in your company. Use them to improve your management, avoiding repeating mistakes made in the past.

 It is also worth remembering that, so that everyone can clearly understand how your company's business plan works, it must be developed in clear, direct and accessible language.

 6. Marketing actions and sales strategies

 Marketing actions are crucial for your product to be known and publicized in the consumer market. A business plan defines what tactics will be carried out by the marketing department of a company.

 Define your target audience and find the best ways to get in touch with them. Take advantage of the rise of social media and make your company enter the virtual world to consolidate itself more and more in the market.

 7. Risk analysis

 Risk analysis is a fundamental element of a successful business plan, since, despite planning and trying to imagine all the situations that can happen to your company, unforeseen events and incidents can still occur.

 A resource used for this analysis is the SWOT matrix — also known as SWOT analysis or Strengths, Weaknesses , Opportunities and Threats: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

 Thanks to its use, it is possible to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company. See below how each step of this analysis works:

 ·         Strengths : checks the positive factors of your product in relation to others offered on the market;

·         Weaknesses/Weaknesses : here the points that need to be improved are identified;

·         Opportunities/Opportunities: identifies the external aspects that favor the growth of your company.

·         Threats/Threats: seeks to know the negative factors that threaten the development of your product.

 The SWOT matrix is ​​just one of several existing solutions to avoid errors in its management. Be sure to patiently and calmly analyze each situation in your company and develop a good business plan by John Labunski.

 8. Analysis of results

 As the processes take place, the results obtained need to be analysed. If these do not meet what was previously established, it is up to the entrepreneur to review their concepts. Also remember to improve what is working to always improve your business management.

 A business plan is not a document that should be untouchable and that cannot change over time, so always keep it up to date.

 So, do you understand what it takes to create a successful business plan? Do you have any questions or do you know of another element that we have not mentioned here? Tell us in the comments!

John Labunski - Tips to prepare for retirement

 Do you want to enjoy retirement more and better? It's time to plan! we give you a series of practical tips so you can prepare for your retirement.

 Planning for retirement can seem like a tedious and complicated process, but if you prepare in advance, you can enjoy this long-awaited moment much more. 

 Here are some very simple tips to plan. Take note! 

 Think about your retired life

 What do you want to do? How do you want to live? These are simple but very important questions that you should ask yourself, because depending on the answer you will have to plan one way or another. Wanting to live in a new house on the beach as a retiree is not the same as continuing to live in your usual home. 

 Estimate your pension

 You must have a rough estimate of the amount of your future pension to start planning. Thus, you will know the savings necessary to complement your pension and maintain the standard of living you want.

 Know the requirements to retire

Even if there is a lack of time, it is good that you know all the requirements to retire in United State. The minimum age, the contribution period, affiliation to Social Security, etc.

 Start saving as soon as possible

 If you want to reach your goal in the future, it is best to start saving now. The most powerful tool you can count on to plan for your retirement is your own savings. 

 Don't touch your savings until retirement

After a lot of time and effort saving, you do not make the mistake of using the accumulated savings to fulfill other wishes or goals.


If you need additional income to that of public State pensions, take out an Individual Systematic Savings Plan or our Life Retirement Planning with John Labunski.


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Advantages of custom construction (503)781-1169

 Why build a custom home? Does considering a completely personalized construction project really have any advantages? Many would-be builders have a lot of questions about the custom home builder Oregon.

 When we think of “tailor-made”, it is not uncommon to imagine an expensive and longer project. However, by building with a construction company, it is far from being the case!

 At J Roderick Young Custom Homes Inc., we offer site monitoring from A to Z. Everything is thought out and the construction schedule is meticulously orchestrated, in order to lighten your mind while enjoying a project created on a unique specifications.

 The deadlines are equivalent to those of any other construction and the prices are not necessarily higher. We rely on Q-zen and zero energy materials so you can save on your bills in the long run.

 Custom house, a controlled price

 The principle of a custom construction is of course to create a unique house that suits you and that will include all your needs.

 To do this, precise specifications will have to be completed, tested, reviewed and rewritten until it corresponds to you 100%. These unique and ultra-precise specifications allow us to ensure that your budget will be respected and that there will be no unpleasant budgetary surprises in the future.

 Wider variety of materials available with custom construction

 One of the major advantages of a custom build to your needs is that materials and equipment are not limited to a list.

 Have you flashed on colored frames? Do you want to use a certain stone for the cladding? By building with a custom home construction company, know that all these desires are possible.

 You are not limited in your construction and have more freedom.

 The maximum? You have a larger category of materials eco-friendly and which will allow you to save a lot of money in summer and winter.

 Bespoke construction company - Advantages

 Your house looks like you 1000%

 What especially allows custom homes to stand out is their customizable character .

 Building your home will be an expensive project in any case. As much as it corresponds in all respects to your present and future needs.

 More guarantees and financial assistance by building new and custom-made

 Although house renovations are more advantageous in terms of VAT, having a new building built by a construction company is the solution for obtaining attractive financial aid , particularly in terms of borrowing rates, and high guarantees on the whole building.

  Custom Construction Company - Advantages

 custom home builder Portland Oregon, a construction company that adapts to your project As you will have understood, our construction company based in Li├Ęge specializes in the construction of made-to-measure and personalized houses.

 This specialization allows us to adapt to your project, whether at the level of the interior design , of the whole construction but also according to what you already have such as the land or the architect.

 In short, in reality, you have everything to gain by having a custom house built.

 Do not hesitate to contact us with Custom Home Builders Portland Oregon Vancouver WA

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How to organize an international move?

 If you're international move and don't know where to start, we'll give you some tips so you can start getting organized for all the details.

When we talk about International Movers & Overseas Shipping Company, one word comes to mind: bureaucracy. Despite so many details and care to be taken, a good prior organization at these times makes everything easier.

Below we will give you some tips for those who want to carry out this process with peace of mind and without being scared of possible expenses and inconveniences that you had not planned. We will cover the main steps and procedures of this process and also indicate what belongings you can and cannot take with you when moving internationally.

1) What is allowed to take with me when moving internationally?

 Food and drinks

Under no circumstances may you take large amounts of food or drinks to another country. In fact, some countries have very strict rules about this. If you don't want to have your luggage held up and your trip delayed, avoid taking this kind of thing.


Many people who move to another location want to take their pets, such as dogs, cats, among others, with them. You can do this perfectly. The only concern you need to have is with the animal's documentation that needs to be up to date, in addition to all required vaccines.

Each country has a list of required documents. So the ideal is for you to consult what you will need for your specific location. Arrange everything in advance to ensure you don't need any documents that you don't have the time to arrange. You can take a maximum of two animals per flight , but it is always good to confirm with the company beforehand if the plane will have space to accommodate them on the flight you want.


Here we have two situations: vehicles are not allowed to enter United State, but they are allowed to leave for other countries, with some exceptions for people with specific positions such as diplomats and ambassadors.


You can take your electrical or electronic equipment on an international move. However, you cannot ship excess items , that is, everything you are going to take must be for your own use and not characterize illegal trade. It wouldn't make sense for a person to ship 10 televisions for an international move, even if they have a wife and children.

Also check if the characteristics of your equipment are compatible with the operation of the destination location. If the equipment you need to ship is some kind of machine, saw, or even tools that you use for work, you will have to ask your company to write a letter confirming this. Even so, it is better to confirm with the company that will carry out the transport.

2) Packing your luggage

The time to separate the items that are going to be shipped to another country is very critical and if it is not done calmly and in advance, it can become a real headache. But why is this process so important? It is he who will prevent your belongings from being lost or damaged or worse still stopped by the inspection, which could delay your trip.

To make your life easier and for those who will check your items at airports, use standardized and mainly identified cardboard boxes. The ideal thing is that you separate the objects that you will put inside them by environment and type of product. This will make it easier for you to make your list of belongings that will be used in case of loss and conferences.

This declaration of goods can be very generic, it does not need to go into the details of each item, but it should indicate what is inside each box. For example: box 01 clothes, box 02 kitchen utensils, box 03 books, and so on. Afterwards you will need to indicate a total value for all belongings, in case any boxes are lost by the company. It doesn't have to be the correct value, but rather a rough estimate.

You must print, sign all pages and notarize this declaration of assets. It will be one of the documents that you will need to have at hand until the end of the entire process, along with others that we will explain later.

Don't worry about the maximum number of boxes to make, as there is no limit. There is a need for all of them to be identified and to be on this list.

3) Company for transport

When you choose the company to carry out the transport, be it air or sea, keep one thing in mind: always confirm which values ​​are included in the service. Also check how the shipping service will be .

Especially in the case of maritime transport, many people think they have already paid for all the necessary services and find that when they arrive at the destination they need to pay more fees to remove their belongings. Confirm that the time the company gave you to vacate the container will be possible or if you need more time. Remember that if you do not negotiate this period according to your needs, for each day of delay in vacating you will have to pay a fine. Avoid this inconvenience.

The most advisable thing is that you explain everything you need and request a service with all fees included. Only then will you be sure of the final and real value you will pay and avoid unpleasant surprises. Ask for these confirmations in writing and if possible in contract.

4) Proof of residency

If you are returning to United State, you can go to the United State consulate in the country where you reside and request a consularized declaration of residence. This document will indicate that you already resided in United State and will expedite the proof when you arrive in the country.

But for this to be valid, you need to prove that you have a current residence, it can be through a water, electricity, telephone bill, etc. Or, present a notarized declaration, made by a relative who will receive you as a guest.

Get a certified copy of your passport and don't throw away your ticket. They can be requested by customs or at any other time.

5) Cargo removal

To pick up your cargo in the country of destination, you will need to have the documents provided when dispatching your belongings. Keep them very well because they are the guarantee that you will be able to recover your objects or receive compensation in the event of loss or any accident with the cargo.

In the case of maritime transport, you will need to consult a customs agent , who will help you both in the unoccupation of the container, in the separation of the load, in the verification of the items and release by the inspection. For this, hire a competent professional and not for the price, because a poorly done service will not be undone.

Before the international move of the cargo you need to confirm that you have paid all the port expenses and for this reason it is important that the company hired before starting the trip inform you of all the expenses that you will have. The process to release the cargo is a little time consuming and depends on each country. So be patient.

After releasing the cargo, you can start the last process, which is the road transport of the cargo to the final destination. Hire a specialized company to have no hassles.

Now that you know what the process for an international move is like, check out the international moving company in New York experts who can help you.


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Insulated garage doors

 Automatic doors have endless advantages over traditional doors, comfort, safety and image, among many others. That is why more and more people decide to install them both in their homes and in their businesses. Its advantages are endless, although there is one that is usually unknown to many people, since it is not usually talked about much and it is fundamental, it is the advantage of isolation.

 The fact that some models of automatic garage doors are insulating, both from cold and heat, means that you will enjoy high energy savings in your home or business, by always keeping the area at the desired temperature and avoiding air leaks.

 There are some models of automatic doors that allow to have an insulation improvement system that allows in turn to generate up to a 15% increase in the insulation that a normal door already has and the consequent energy savings that this entails.


 The objective of these insulations is, above all, that a stable temperature is maintained in the home and there are no drafts in the home or in the business and this means that there is less energy loss, whether it is air conditioners for the cold as well as for the heat.

 They are doors that incorporate the latest technologies, especially in the finishes that can be perfectly adapted to the building where they will be located, there are countless models, colors and finishes, so that the customer can choose the one that best suits their needs.

 Another advantage is that if it is vertical opening garage doors, they allow great comfort, they are hidden under the ceiling which allows more space in the garage.

 In short, if you opt for an automatic Garage Door Repairs with thermal insulation, we must indicate that these are doors that will allow you to obtain great comfort, while having thermal insulation that will help you save at home or in your company.

 Without a doubt, a highly recommended door, you can visit us at and we will advise you

Posted by: John Labunski

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Internal Auditors in UAE and benefits of companies

 In recent years, internal audit has taken on significant relevance at a global level derived from the increase in information and transactions generated by companies, fraud, new regulations and the concern of organizations to generate reasonable financial and operational information for decision-making.

 What is internal audit?

 The Institute of Internal Auditors IIA (The Institute of Internal Auditors) defines internal auditing as “an independent and objective  assurance  and  consulting activity  designed to add value and improve the operations of an organization. It helps an organization achieve its objectives Providing a systematic approach and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the  effectiveness  of  the  processes of  management  of  risk  ,  monitoring  and  governance  . "

 Proper planning of internal audit based on the risks of the organizations is essential for its success. The internal auditor must have the capacity to identify the risks of the organization and suggest the internal controls that mitigate these risks.

 From my point of view, I consider that the cornerstone of Internal Audit is organizational independence, despite the fact that the Internal Auditor is hired by the organization. The main way to achieve this objective is that the Internal Audit department must report directly to the board of directors and not to the company's management , which allows the Internal Auditor to evaluate the Company's operation without restrictions and without affecting its independence at the time of generating reports and results of your audits.

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 What is internal audit for us?

 The main function of internal auditing is to evaluate the internal control of the organization, so it must understand, detect and report the risks of the organization, before they materialize and lead to loss or damage. Said risks can be fraud, errors, non-compliance with regulations, among others, that can affect organizations monetarily.

 When the internal control of an organization is effective, the following benefits are generated, among others:

  • Confidence in the financial information of the company
  • Provides security on the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization's operation
  • Ensures compliance with regulatory aspects
  • Facilitates access to financial resources
  • Facilitates the attraction of potential investors
  • Reduces the chances of economic losses

Internal audit process

 The internal audit process can be summarized in 5 phases which are detailed below:


 During the planning phase, the audit is notified through an "announcement letter", where an initial meeting is planned to define and review the audit process, scope and inherent risks of the operation.

 Execution (field work):

 At this stage, the “walkthrough” operation tours are carried out where the operations of the organization and the control points implemented are identified, to later carry out tests on these transactions and be able to determine if the controls implemented in the organization are sufficient and work properly. Properly.

 At the end of the field work, the Auditor will gather all the findings and corrective actions, which will be presented to the administration and direction of the company.


 The final report presents the opinions of the auditors, makes recommendations and the results of the audit. In general, this report must contain at least:

  • Personnel of the organization to which it is addressed
  • Scope and objectives of the audit
  • The overall assessment, including findings and recommendations


 In this phase, it is monitored that the findings identified during the internal audit have been corrected by the Organization's management.

 Fiscal application of Internal Audit and control system reviews in UAE

 During the last decade in United Arab Emirates, the tax authorities of the country have taken on a significant importance to the “materiality of the operations” , where under certain circumstances the taxpayer must exhibit the evidential means and certify reliable dates that the operations consigned in the documents really they existed and were materialized.

 Implementing the appropriate controls can also help us to mitigate possible fiscal contingencies such as the adequate documentation of the supplier registration operations, purchase, warehouse and deliverables of the services.

 In this context, internal auditing takes on an important relevance in all areas of the organizations, reducing the risk of economic losses to a minimum. It is important to have the vision that internal auditing is not only for public companies, but that it should be used in all types of organization for adequate growth.

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Hotel Stay at Livingston, tx cabin rentals

 Why Is A Cabin Rental Better Than A Hotel Stay At Livingston?

Looking for a great vacation spot to cover in the upcoming days? What are your thoughts about Lake Livingston? Lake Livingston is a wonderful vacation spot where you can visit with friends and families. Do you want to enjoy the weather in Texas lake Livingston resort

 This is the perfect time to visit Livingston to enjoy a solitary or romantic trip to Livingston. But wait before you visit there make sure you have a proper idea about the food and living facilities. People who visit this place mostly prefer to stay in cabins rather than hotels. Isn’t it surprising? But here, we have mentioned a few points that make you crazy to choose Livingston, tx cabin rentals rather than hotels.

 Why choose cabins at Livingston rather than a hotel stay?

  • Get a homely feeling: Want to get a feeling like home? When you stay at the hotel, these rooms are cramped and don’t offer much comfort as you get in the cabins. When you stay camping, you can fully enjoy the site. The cabin rentals are filled with living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, and gym rooms. It has the space to accommodate at least 7 to 8 people together.
  • Enjoy the natural beauty: Many people visit this place yearly to enjoy nature and the atmosphere. Camping and RV are the best way to communicate with the nature of LRV parks on lake Livingston. Here you can get the best experience of outdoor activities and enjoy summers. Most cabins are near the lake, so you can enjoy the evening with your partner. Lakes, mountains, and streams surround the cabins. 
  • Easy to communicate: When you choose cabin rentals to stay you can enjoy the resources. The cabins are situated near the lakes and the main market. Guests staying at hotels can’t fully enjoy the outdoor activities because of the proximity to nature. So, the cabin gives you the complete vacation feeling.
  • Get the best amenity: The cabins offer the best amenities to the guest rather than people staying in the hotels. You can get amenities and awesome features like hot tubs, fireplaces, outdoor grills, home theaters, pool tables, jacuzzi tubs, boat rental, WiFi, and much more in-cabin rentals. Here you can also get a fully stocked kitchen and prepare food as you need.
  • Pet friendly: Most hotels don’t allow pets inside, but when you choose cabins to stay in, they also allow pets. They also provide beds and food bowls for them. 

So, if you are thinking of a vacation and trying the best platform to stay in, you can choose the lake Livingston resort over hotels.

Get Comfortable And Suitable Living

 Are you planning for a vacation or outing with your family, friends, and colleagues? Northshore Resort is offering first-class accommodations to its customers in Texas.

Vacation or outing is always fun as you step back from your daily schedule and stressed work life. It can give your more relaxation and make you stress-free. Thus, choosing a comfortable lake Livingston vacation rental is essential so you can complexly enjoy the ambiance. At Northshore Resort, they provide a splash park and swimming pool that can cool your mind in the hot weather.

When people step outside their house for specific reasons, they always look for a room that can give them a feel of a home. Thus, Northshore Resort offers comforts of home, including 30/50 amp service, Cable TV, Free Wi-Fi, water, and sewer at every lake shore RV site.

If you are looking for gorgeous cabins and king-size beds for your trips, then it is important to choose a resort that can provide services as per your needs. At Northshore Resort, you can get a top queen-sized mattress and bedding that can be enjoyable for 4 members. Thus, a small family can fit in this cabin. Moreover, the north shore cabins include a full bathroom and kitchen that can give more comfort zone to a family. They can enjoy their home-like food at the resort without disturbing anyone.

Livingston park Texas is very popular, and people come from far to visit the location. This place is known for the lake, which is also home to bluefish gill, largemouth bass, striped bass, and white bass. Thus, Northshore Resort is promoting the nature of lake Livingston and allowing you to enjoy the beauty of this place.

About the company

Northshore Resort is a reputed resort that provides home-like accommodation in Texas. It takes care of your comfort level and suitability to the environment. You can receive quality services from Northshore Resort. If you want to connect with them, you can visit their website at

Laptop screen replacement in Dubai

 Notebooks are our everyday partners and usually need maintenance after some time of use. Thus, especially when we fail to carry out a preventive health check of each component or do not take the necessary care with the machine , problems related to the need for screen replacement can arise and affect our productivity . So today we are going to delve into this subject and clear all your doubts.

 How to avoid changing laptop screen?

 “Take good care of your notebook every day” would be the best answer to this question because what most causes a machine to need maintenance are the mistakes we make in daily use. Thus, some of the most frequent mistakes in the care of notebook screens are:

·         Dropping the notebook frequently: Drops damage the notebook screen because they can break the glass when we least expect it;

·         Closing the device with an object between the screen and the keyboard: this can contribute to the screen bursting very easily;

·         Cleaning the notebook screen with products other than glass cleaners, applied directly to the screen: Clean the notebook screen only with a dry cloth or small amounts of glass cleaner applied to a flannel. Otherwise, the liquid used for cleaning can damage the screen and even run into it;

·         Put some weight on top of the notebook cover when not in use: the pressure made by these objects can take off and even damage the notebook screen;

·         Do not use a protective cloth between the screen and the keyboard: this protective cloth helps not to mark the screen with the keyboard bumps;

·         Avoid transporting the notebook without waterproof case: in addition to preventing scratches, using a waterproof case to transport the notebook prevents the screen from coming into contact with water and being damaged.

When do we recommend changing the notebook screen?

Laptop screen: when do we recommend the exchange and how to avoid it?

First, know that we recommend changing the screen when there is a problem with the display of the image that is not related to damage to the ribbon cable.

So, to verify the origin of the frame, it is common for our specialists to analyze the interior of the machine. After an in-depth analysis , you receive the diagnosis along with the quote and, once you have approved it, we will start the exchange.

Furthermore, it is important to know that the time for this service can vary from 1 to 2 hours depending on your notebook model. Especially on devices with a touch function , changing the screen is more complex. Also, in some cases it is not possible to change it alone . In other words , the screen and the notebook frame will be replaced.

 Finally, replacing your notebook screen is a cost-effective option , as damage always happens when you least expect it. So instead of buying an entirely new device, you just invest in screen replacement.

 Here at Quik Fix Technologies we are prepared to take care of notebooks of all makes and models , and we look forward to your visit at City tower 2 1540 Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai On the other hand, you can take the opportunity to use our pick-up and drop-off service, which is free for up to 20 KM.

 Ask for your free quote and come change your Laptop screen replacement in Dubai with us!    

Tuesday, 12 July 2022

Garage Door Service from Magic Door Industries

 If we talk about garage doors, they need great maintenance and repair to increase their working ability. In case, if your garage door is not working properly or creating a lot of noise/any hindrance, then you should approach a leading service provider in your area. Conducting a little research over the web is a great decision. While hiring a leading company that specializes in Garage Door Service Brisbane, you should check how much experience they have in this industry. Ensure that you hire a company that can tackle all aspects of garage repair.

Before hiring any company, you should look at client reviews to determine what other people are saying about their services. However, there are so many companies out there that offer such services. But if you want to hire a professional company for Garage Door Repairs, then you should contact Magic Door Industries. Being a top company, we deal in the supply, service and installation of the entire range of various electronically controlled opening & closing mechanisms. To all the clients, we provide robust solutions such as domestic, commercial, industrial, and home units. We are expert in Sliding Gate Motors Service and garage door openers in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, and Wollongong.

Providing the high level of satisfaction to all the customers is our prime goal. What’s more, we have gained a great reputation all over the world for the last 40 years in the region. We have a dedicated team of technicians who will respond quickly to adjust, maintenance and repair needs for Sliding Gates Brisbane. By hiring us, you can save your precious time and money. Whether your garage door is closing badly, not reversing with photoelectric/mechanical reversing mechanism or heavy to lift, you can approach us. On top of that, we have necessary permits.

The best part is that we have a great idea about our products and therefore, we provide the right advice. What’s more, we are quick, courteous, and thorough. With us, you can have a great peace of mind. We offer exclusive maintenance programs to give benefit for extended product life span and an enhanced reliability. From us, you can also get a program that fits your budget and system. To analyse our work quality, you can check our portfolio section anytime. So, what are you waiting for? Just submit online form now to get more information!

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